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Physician Signing Bonuses Are Climbing

Check out the data on rising physician signing bonuses and how you can take advantage.... Continue reading


Contract Attorneys Can Help Close the Physician Pay Gap

Contract attorneys can be advocates for female physicians in closing the wage gap. Read more about h... Continue reading

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How Do Physicians Earn a Bonus?

Bonus structures can be a mystifying topic for many physicians. See how you can achieve the bonus in... Continue reading

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Negotiating a Raise

Negotiating a raise can be an uncomfortable process. Find out the key steps involved in negotiating ... Continue reading

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Pay for New Physicians is on the Rise

Physicians just starting to practice are seeing their compensation offers rise. Find out what factor... Continue reading


What is in Your Benefits Package?

Find out what pieces make up your benefits package. Whether it's professional dues or malpractice co... Continue reading

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How Medical Service Shortages Affect Physician Compensation

The developing physician shortage has important implications for compensation. If you are in a short... Continue reading


Physician Compensation Report

Proper compensation is crucial to a fair physician employment contract. Check out the highest and lo... Continue reading

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Comparing Physician Compensation and Hospital Revenues

Have you ever wondered how your compensation as a physician stacks up against the revenue your hospi... Continue reading


What Physicians Need to Know About On-Call Pay

On-call pay is a little more complex than many physicians realize. Find out what you need to know ab... Continue reading