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As a doctor founded and doctor driven company, we are on a relentless mission to empower physicians. We continually strive to support, assist and advise our doctors as they transition in their careers.

Empowering the Next Generation of Physicians

Every business has a story. Our story is still being written, but I believe it can be summarized in two words: Empowering Physicians. Let me explain by answering these three questions. How did we get started? Why do we do what we do? Where are we going?

How did we get started?

Physicians make up the most important part of healthcare and guidance thru this critical period in finding practice opportunities is critical. As an experienced clinician and surgeon returning to work in an Academic Medical Center, I was immediately struck by the lack of preparation being offered to physicians in training for the next step in their careers. Recognizing the deficit in teaching, mentoring and advocating available for physicians in training, I developed a series of seminars for the residents about the Business of Medicine. My goal was to educate and empower residents and fellows as they embarked on this vital chapter of their career.

Seeking to share what I had learned with my residents, in 2009, I formed the first physician agency in the country. Resolve was the first agency dedicated solely to representing physicians as they transition. Gathering a team of professionals to assist in all aspects of physician career development was critical to provide the resources necessary. My goal was to save the physician valuable time, provide guidance, seek opportunities and to assure that our doctors were compensated commensurate with their training, potential and expertise.

Why we do what we do?

We are in business to empower our physicians, especially residents and fellows. Residents often look to their senior faculty for advice. Such was the case when I was an Associate Professor at the University of Missouri in the Otolaryngology department. The basics of finding a practice, analyzing an opportunity, and negotiating a contract were foreign concepts to the residents in my program and many were being taken advantage of as they went into the real world. This was unacceptable to me. All physicians should be informed on their job options and what a fair contract entails. This is where the mission of Resolve would develop.

Where are we going?

Forward. As we approach our 7th year in business, other agencies have come and gone; however, we continue to serve our physicians based on my original mission: to deliver value to our clients measured in time, efficiency, and increased compensation. We have learned a tremendous amount about how to continually improve the service and advice that we provide to our doctors. The experience has been most rewarding as we have developed meaningful relationships, empowered physicians in their journey and realized the endorsement of our dream.

It’s your search, your contract and your career. We would love to contribute to your success.

– Sidney Christiansen, MD

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