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Physician Contract Exit Strategy

Not every physician contract goes to term. In many cases, new job opportunities arise that are a better fit, leaving a decision up to the physician if they should break their current contract or stay to the term.

With decisions like these, Resolve is here to help.

Resolve’s physician-specific attorney team helps physicians plan their exit strategy by reviewing the current employment contract and uncovering items that can cause road bumps in ending your contract. These items include:

  • Termination Notice Period
  • Notice Procedure
  • Malpractice Tail Issues
  • Non-Compete Clause Issues
  • Non-Solicitation Issues
  • Liquidated Damages
  • Repayment Obligations

Process for Ending a Physician Contract Early

Resolve’s attorney team will review your current contract, and any hospital recruitment agreement, then discuss the situation with you, providing measures on how you may exit the contract.

Once deciding on a course of action, Resolve can then negotiate on your behalf with the current employer and provide a strategy for transitioning to the new employer.

If you are exiting your current job and have yet to find a new employer, Resolve offers physician-specific job search services, which you can learn more about here.

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