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Resolve's Job Search Process

Resolve Physician Agency tailors the job search around a physician’s wants and needs. We work to empower doctors by not only finding job opportunities in desired locations, but through detailed knowledge of the job search marketplace and what it takes to outshine other candidates.

Below is a breakdown of what our job search process entails. For more information or to get started, call us at 877-758-3318.

Detailed Consultation

After signing with Resolve you will receive a detailed consultation with your agent. At this point you will discuss desired locations and the key items that are important to your career and lifestyle.

A key benefit of Resolve is the interactive mapping software we use to help you visualize the potential jobs in an area by specialty and location.


Resolve's research team does the heavy lifting and begins compiling employers based on your specialty, desired location, practice type and the additional preferences discussed in your initial consultation.

Employment Management

The whole time your job search is underway, the Resolve team is working for you. Your agent initiates contact with employers, manages recruiter emails and schedules follow up times to speak with employers, while your research team member continues to dig into available jobs and monitor national job boards and major recruiting websites to ensure no opportunity slips through the cracks.

The Resolve team's focus and expertise saves you hours upon hours of time and effort.

Coaching and Review

Resolve reviews your CV and prepares your cover letter for prospective employers, ensuring you make the best possible impression.

For on-site and phone interviews, your agent will provide coaching and interview preparation. Following every interview or on-site, your agent will touch base to discuss results and the next steps

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