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Resolve vs Recruiters

What Sets Resolve Apart from Recruiters?

Resolve Physician Agency saves you the hassle of dealing with recruiters, selling you on a less than ideal job or location to meet a quota. We strive to uncover your goals, ideal locations and the practice that fits your work-life balance expectations.

Resolve Recruiters
Tailored Job Search: Resolve agents create a tailored search based on your needs. Filling Empty Slots: A recruiters job is to sell you on a job they have been assigned to fill.
100% of the Job Market: Resolve agents have access to jobs not posted online or with recruiters, more than two-thirds of the job market. Stuck to Lists: Recruiters have a set list of jobs to fill, not considering your wants, needs or desired location.
Loyal to the Physician: Resolve works exclusively for the physician, taking no compensation from employers. Loyal to Employers Recruiters are paid by employers, meaning no loyalty to the physician, only the openings they fill.
Your Desired Location: Resolve focuses on placing you in the practice you want in the location you desire. Whatever is Open: Recruiting firms push whatever is open, generally in rural or underserved areas.
Negotiates Your Contract: Resolve's in-house attorney team negotiates every provision on your behalf to get you the best employment package possible. Never Goes Against Employer: Generally recruiters charge a set fee to the employer, meaning it is highly unlikely they ever go against employer and create higher cost for themselves.

These are just a few of the main difference between Resolve and physician recruiters. We want to ensure you understand that you are working with an agent that acts on your behalf and has your best interests in mind.

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