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Resolve's Job Search Benefits

Finding a quality practice in the location you desire right out of residency can be a difficult, time-consuming task. Just as it can be equally difficult for an established physician to change locations.

Resolve Physician Agency is a physician-founded company that understands what causes difficulties in the job search process. It is this understanding, combined with the expertise, resources and legwork, to be able to simplify the job search process and find the perfect job that fits your career goals.

Our benefits include:

Finding Not Advertised Jobs

More than two-thirds of the jobs available aren’t listed on job boards or with physician recruiters. Resolve is able to tap into this network of jobs, providing opportunities that most didn’t even know existed.

Loyal to Physicians

Unlike recruiters, Resolve Physician Agency works for you, not the employer, which means you can be assured your best interests are in mind. Learn more about the differences between Resolve vs. recruiters here.

In-Depth Market Knowledge

Resolve agents have an in-depth understanding of the national marketplace for physician employment. And when it comes time to negotiate your contract, Resolve’s in-house physician-specific attorney team has the latest compensation data and financial analysis to ensure you are receiving the fairest deal possible.

Career Services

Resolve agents can help you understand what each position has to offer by comparing different practice types, compensation plans and partnership options. You will have the knowledge to compare multiple options and make the best possible decision. Learn more about our career services here.

Saving Valuable Time

Finding the right job takes time and effort. Resolve does the work for you, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most, such as taking care of your patients, family and current responsibilities.

Physician-Specific Guidance

Resolve is doctor founded and doctor driven. Resolve’s founder spent over 30 years as a practicing Otolaryngologist in private practice and academic medicine, which provides insight and guidance that no one else can offer.

Top Physician Contract Specialists

When it comes time to negotiate your offers, receive the confidence only a physician-specific lawyer can provide. Resolve’s in-house attorney team has negotiated over $1 billion in physician contracts; with over 80% seeing an increase in the value of their contract.

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