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About Resolve

Our Mission:

As a doctor founded and doctor driven company, we are on a relentless mission to empower physicians. We continually strive to support, assist and advise our doctors as they transition in their careers.

Resolve Physician Agency was founded by Dr. Sidney Christiansen to provide professional guidance to other physicians as they transition in their career. His experiences in both private practice and academics have led him to the conclusion that physicians simply do not receive proper training in the business of medicine. He has assembled a team of professionals to be a valuable resource for physicians. Learn more about Dr. Christiansen and the Resolve team.

Finding the Jobs You Want with the Terms that Fit Your Lifestyle

As our mission states, Resolve Physician Agency is a doctor founded company on a mission to empower physicians by providing detailed knowledge of the national marketplace and healthcare employment contract expertise. Resolve offers physicians tailored job search services, practice evaluation and physician contract review, including partnership agreements and exit strategy. Contract review services are provided through a licensed healthcare attorney.

Working With Resolve

If you are a physician looking for a new opportunity or trying to relocate, let our agents at Resolve do the work for you.

Resolve agents are NOT recruiters and will not try to sell you on a job/location that you do not want. Unlike recruiters, Resolve agents work for the physician, not the employer. Resolve consults with its clients in-depth to learn exactly what they want from their employment agreements and puts our expertise to work to find the best match.

Resolve recognizes that a physician’s career is only one part of life, but it is a huge part that can influence every aspect. Our approach with our clients is truly a partnership for better a living.

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