Physician Compensation Report

Cortney Ikpe

Resolve Physician Agency's contract review services look far beyond compensation; however, with mounting student loan debt, compensation is on the forefront of many contracts.

Below we have provided national medians for the top paid physician specialties, as well as data on the lowest paid and largest changes in physician salary. As you search through this information, keep in mind that these are national medians and compensation varies by region.

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Highest Paid Specialties

Plastic Surgery$354,000
General Surgery$317,000
Emergency Medicine$306,000

*Data is according to Medscape's 2015 Physician Compensation Report

Largest Changes in Physician Compensation from 2013

SpecialtyPercentage Change
Dermatology: Mohs Surgery28.220%
Pediatrics: Hospitalist-Internal Medicine22.057%
Pediatrics: Radiology18.756%
Peds: Infectious Disease18.370%
Pathology: Clinical-18.225%
Pain Management: Nonanesthesia-16.946%
Peds: Cardiology16.392%
Hospitalist: Family Practice13.785%
Peds: Pulmonology13.465%
Pediatrics: Neurosurgery13.263%

*Percent increase or decrease based off national medians from recent compensation surveys.

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