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Can Physicians Get Out of a Non-Compete?

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Physician Contracts - Leaving Your Practice

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Contract Attorneys Can Help Close the Physician Pay Gap

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What is in Your Benefits Package?

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How Employed Physicians Can Resolve Contract Disputes

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Physician Employment Agreements: Breach of Contract

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Contract Review

Key Elements of Physician Contracts

The employment contract is crucial to a physician's career success. Check out the most important cla... Continue reading

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Tips for Physicians on Negotiating a Better Contract

View tips and best practices for physicians on negotiating employment contracts.... Continue reading


Negotiating a Physician Contract

See these tips on negotiating a physician contract to help reduce the anxiety in your next job move.... Continue reading

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Handling Contract Review Amid the Pandemic

Considering the job market’s current state, physicians must be more vigilant than ever when reviewin... Continue reading