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The Current Physician Job Market

The lull in job supply through 2020 seems merely a small delay in the increasing demand for practici... Continue reading

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The Six Types of J-1 Waivers

After completing post-graduate training in the U.S., J-1 physicians are subject to a two-year foreig... Continue reading

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An Ounce of Prevention: Non-Compete Clauses

Navigating contract negotiations as a medical professional can be overwhelming and confusing. This i... Continue reading

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Why You Should Have a Side Gig

Often, the desire to learn, grow, and diversify life skills doesn’t end with medical school or train... Continue reading

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Know Your Benefits Package

A proper benefits package can add huge additional value to your contract by saving you funds and pro... Continue reading

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Imposter Syndrome: You Are Not Alone

Due to the competitive nature of medicine and lack of diversity in many specialties, physicians are ... Continue reading

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When Doctors Marry Doctors: A Look Into Physician Marriages

Doctors marrying other doctors has been a trend for many years, and statistics indicate that the amo... Continue reading

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The Fauci Effect

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. has seen a large influx of medical school applications, ... Continue reading

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Medical Discounts for the New Year

With the holidays behind us, most large retail sales have ended. However, there were many companies ... Continue reading

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Resolve Wrapped

Everyone has been posting their Spotify Wrapped lists for 2020, and we've been feeling a bit left ou... Continue reading