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Resolve specializes in helping physicians just like you find desirable job opportunities in the locations you want to practice.

Resolve is NOT a recruiter, but a specialist in connecting physicians with hiring managers. We maintain a database of over 750,000 hiring contacts for every specialty and every state. Our process not only saves you time, but uncovers the positions that go unadvertised.

Unadvertised positions are often the best, as healthy and stable practices rarely need to list their positions or use a recruiter to fill them. Resolve connects you directly with practices like these, while uncovering all available opportunities in your desired geography.

Why Choose Resolve to Find Your Practice

Looking for a practice is a challenging and time consuming process.

Resolve is able to reduce your stress by conducting the job search for you. We reach out to every hiring practice, monitor every major job board for your specialty, and provide guidance when it comes to making difficult decisions revolving around your search. When you receive contracts, we have contracted out with the best physician contract attorney team to review them.

Resolve's benefits include:

Desirable Practice Options

Resolve finds practice opportunities custom tailored to your needs and wants, tapping into the more than two-thirds of jobs that aren’t listed on job boards or with recruiters.

Save Time and Stress

Finding desirable practices takes time and effort. From the day you sign up, Resolve provides you with a dedicated agent who manages your entire practice search, saving you time and relieving stress.

No More Recruiters

Resolve is not a recruiter, but saves you from the hassle of using a recruiter. Resolve works for the physician, not employer, and will never try to sell you on a less than ideal job.

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