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As a J-1 candidate you are probably asking yourself several questions. When should I begin applying? How do I know where to apply? What employers sponsor J-1 waivers? How do I go about finding a J-1 waiver position?

Resolve Physician Agency is here to answer those difficult questions and guide you through the process.

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The Job Search Process

Obtaining a Physician J-1 Waiver is an important step in any International Medical Graduate’s career; however, the process can be stressful and confusing without the proper guidance. Even worse, if procedures and deadlines are not met, your employment can be delayed or even revoked.

Resolve’s experienced team works with physicians pursing their J-1 Waiver, ensuring they have the legal and personal guidance to find a desirable position. Previous International Medical Graduates, working with Resolve, secured positions in major universities, large metro areas – including New York City – and found practice locations that suit their career goals.

Benefits of Resolve for J-1 Physicians

Proven Experience

Our experience provides insight into the programs that are open to sponsoring J-1 waiver physicians, eliminating countless hours of research and wasted applications

Expand Your Search

Our agents have access to the entire job market – not a small list – allowing us to find you a job early on in areas you desire.

Major Metro Areas

There are many J-1 waiver eligible positions in and around major metros that go unfilled every year, we can help you locate these.

Increased Chances

Using an agent increases your chances of getting into the location you prefer and not settling for the rural or underserved areas that recruiters have access to.

Find J1 Physician Jobs with Resolve

Resolve realizes that guidelines from Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA) and Medically Underserved Areas (MUA) shouldn’t restrict your employment and will provide guidance that takes into consideration the practice, community and your needs.

Contact Resolve today to start your J-1 Waiver and avoid getting lost in the process, settling for unsavory locations, experiencing delays or worse, taking the chance of receiving a revoked status.

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