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Physician Partnership Contract Review

Physicians forming partnerships or merging into larger practice groups can provide benefits for both the physician and patient. These benefits include sharing expenses, the ability to take on additional patients and the pooling of talent.

However, partnerships also have their stresses, which is why it is extremely important to go into the partnership with a thorough understanding of what each partner expects from the agreement.

Resolve takes the time at the outset of the partnership to help you define and prepare for items that include:

  • Addition of physicians to the group or dissolution of the partnership
  • Valuation of partner equity when new physician buys in or when a physician leaves the partnership or group
  • Merging of the partnership or practice group into a second practice group
  • Equipment, personnel and patient distribution

Additionally, when working with Resolve on your physician partnership contract, you receive a review of partnership documents, including the partnership agreement, operating agreements, buy/sell agreements, articles of organization, partnership employment agreements, surgery center/real estate agreements, membership purchase agreements and practice financials.

Resolve's partnership review offers:

  • No hourly rate
  • Negotiations included
  • Full compensation and benefits analysis
  • Unlimited access to advisor and attorney for one year
  • Review of productivity and practice financials

Resolve reviews each agreement on a case-by-case basis and tailors each partnership agreement to the particular business situation. we would like to discuss your situation, briefly look at your documents, and discuss a review package for your case designed to help you achieve your objectives and protect your interests.

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