Fall Wellness Pic

Fall Wellness

Evan Winter

On September 22, everyone officially said farewell to summer and hello to fall. With the change in season comes many more changes to schedules, moods, and general lifestyles. The pandemic kept most of the population indoors throughout the warmest time of year, and the coming months, with their shorter days and cooler weather, will likely further that trend. However, the seasonal shift and busy, back-to-school schedules don’t have to foster unhealthy habits. Here are some ways everyone can stay healthy and happy this fall.

Be active

The beginning of fall is a great time to make a workout plan. Before things get too cold, the weather should be perfect for a morning walk, run, or bike ride. Going out to enjoy the often brief period between the heat of summer and frigidity of winter will improve moods and help you stock up on fresh air and sunlight. Once that time has passed, activity doesn’t have to drop off. Purchasing a gym membership, if only for the season, can help you stay on track when it becomes too cold or dreary outside. If the gym isn’t really your style, and you would like to save some money in the long run or avoid too much human contact, consider investing in home-gym equipment or workout videos. Purchasing the videos may not even be necessary, since there is a whole world of content available through online platforms such as YouTube. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to make a workout schedule and set a few performance goals. These measures ensure you keep up regular activity and motivation.

Choose drinks wisely

For many, fall means pumpkin spice lattes and Oktoberfest beers. But those beverages can be high-calorie traps. An average pumpkin spice latte contains around 50 grams of sugar, as much or more than most cans of soda. Instead of stopping by your favorite coffee shop in the morning, try brewing some at home. If you still want to spice things up, do an online search for recipes to make your favorite lattes or other coffee drinks. Making them at home allows you to better control the sugar content, and you can use a low-fat milk substitute to cut additional calories. Not to mention, the cost of making your own drinks will likely be a fraction of that spent at high-end coffee shops. As for the evening beverages, Oktoberfest and other craft beers are not only higher in calories, but usually contain more alcohol than your standard, mass-marketed brew. Instead of reaching for another, try making that second one a light beer, or maybe have a glass of wine, preferably on the dry side. If you’re missing that fizz, investigate some sparkling waters with light, natural flavorings. 

Eat smart

Watching what you drink only gets you part of the way to a healthy diet; the rest can be found in fresh, whole foods. The fall season is a great time to find hearty root vegetables to roast or cook into a stew or soup. Browse your produce section or local farmer’s market for squash, carrots, beets, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage and more, which will all be in-season and at peak quality. Look for foods high in vitamin C to boost your immune system and help ward off COVID-19 or the impending flu season. Foods high in vitamin D will also be beneficial going into the colder months, since much of our vitamin D is absorbed from sunlight. With gameday comes plenty of temptation to snack on chips and crackers, so try substituting those with a few of the previously mentioned fresh vegetables and a light dip.

Get a flu shot

Diet and exercise do wonders for your body’s defenses, but a flu shot may mean you don’t have to use them. The COVID-19 pandemic has already put society on high alert for disease, and collision of the pandemic with flu season is of growing concern. Reduce your risk of at least one illness by visiting your pharmacy, drug store, or quick clinic and receiving a flu shot. According to the CDC, flu vaccinations prevented around 4.4 million instances of illness throughout the 2018-2019 flu season. The less you get sick, the less you will miss work, fall behind on your workout schedule, or have to visit your doctor, putting yourself at further risk.

Keep clean

Since you will be spending more time indoors, take some extra care when cleaning both your home and personal belongings. Consider which surfaces and items you come in contact with most, and sterilize those on a regular basis. Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be hotspots for germs since they see high amounts of daily activity. Think about which devices or other items you touch often or take with you wherever you go, such as your phone, wallet, keys, keyboard, mouse, or tablet, and be sure to disinfect those regularly. For items like a phone, you may want to consider a daily cleaning.

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