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So What is a Physician Agent Anyway?

Cortney Ikpe

The last year of residency can be an exciting, yet stressful time for many physicians. The culmination of many strenuous hours training in clinics/ERs, enduring grueling work schedules, and compromising on countless sacrifices for the sake of the practice final begin to come to fruition. You’re at the cusp of your professional career. The world is your oyster. But where do you begin? How do you find the right position in the location that works best for you?

When beginning the job search, it is important to have considered the following questions:

  • When and where do I begin looking for a job?
  • How do I professionally market myself against the competition?

Unfortunately, most qualified physicians are rarely educated on the appropriate procedure and etiquette in pursuing their ideal career path. The modern healthcare industry is rapidly adapting to legislation and reforms, many of which physicians may not be aware of but are still largely affected. It is for this very reason the concept of physician advocacy was conceptualized; to help promote and advise on behalf of the physician. Resolve Physician Agency specializes in custom job search and career services for physicians that assist the location, preparation, and securing of ideal career opportunities.

A physician agent has only the interest of the physician in mind. The agent’s purpose is to work closely with each physician to determine key terms and conditions of each individual job search. Once these stipulations are decided upon, the agent then works to locate and compile potential opportunities for the physician. Think of it like this, in the same way as a sports agent advocates on the athlete’s behalf, a physician agent advocates for the physician (This is not to be confused with physician recruiters who generally work for the hospital/health institution and often neglect specific terms and conditions agreed upon for the sake of filling positions). The primary goal of physician advocacy is to enhance the physician’s awareness of potential career opportunities in a desired locale as well as equip them with the proper tools and knowledge to ensure they can make an informed career decision.

Our agents provide the following services to all clients:

Custom job search - We are not recruiters, therefore we will not try to sell you on a specific job or location, we find the job you want in the location you desire. Our agents specialize in uncovering positions in major metros that are not posted online.

CV and Interview preparation – Your CV is your first impression and can be the difference between you getting the interview or not. Our experts will assist you with your CV, cover letter, and prepare you with interview questions.

Contract analysis and negotiation – Employment Contracts are written to be confusing, make sure you have an experienced healthcare attorney look over your contract. Our attorney dedicates 100% of his practice to reviewing physician contracts nationwide for all specialties.

Finding your first job is exciting, although it is no easy task. Our agents at Resolve Physician Agency can assist you with every step of the process. For more information on how we can help please call us or get started now by filling out a form.