J-1 Update: Waiver Approval

Cortney Ikpe

Once you sign an employment contract, you have three to six months to get your waiver approved. It is crucial for you to sign a contract with enough time to spare, and if you are looking to start a position this summer, you need to be signing a contract very soon.

Finding the right position for yourself can take a considerable amount of work. Don’t let it go to waste by not getting your contract proceedings done in time.

State Progress

This map includes states that have updated us as of mid-January about how many applications they have received:

  • Red: Full
  • Orange: 20 - 29 applications received
  • Yellow: 10 - 19 applications received
  • Green: 0 - 9 applications received
  • Gray states were not updated in January, but some have updated us in past J-1 Updates.

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