Five Reasons to Hire an Agent

Cortney Ikpe

Navigating the physician job market can feel like navigating a hurricane, but it doesn’t have to. The busy lifestyle of a working physician can make it hard to find the time needed to search for the right specialty the doctor is interested and even harder to find jobs in the market they are interested in. Relocating is always a big step to take in life, and even more so when there is a family in tow.

There are a number of options doctors have when they are ready to find a new job and take a step to further their career. They can always go about it the old fashioned way and spend weekends and late nights finding positions, preparing paperwork and applying for openings. They can higher a recruiter who works with hospitals directly to fill positions quickly. Or, they can hire an agent to help best represent them and their skills to find the perfect opportunity they’ve been looking for.

Here are 5 reasons a physician should hire an agent:

Agents work for the doctor, not the hospital.

When a doctor chooses to work with an agency, they are essentially hiring their own custom tailored support staff. An agency works with the doctor to define the perfect job search parameters, helps to revise their resume and cover letter documents so they are the best they can be, and works to find the job that best suits the doctors needs. When choosing to work with a recruiter, the best interest of the doctor is not always the highest priority. Recruiters are hired by hospitals to fill positions, so they often sell the doctor on the job vs. selling the job on the doctor.

A streamlined job search means a faster placement.

Doctor’s lead busy lifestyles while they are busy providing healthcare for their patients, and this can lead to a long process when hunting for new jobs. Finding all of the open positions that apply to your field of interest can be hard in itself, much less revising your resume and cover letter for each application. Hiring a our staff to manage the process gives you access to a large network of possible job placements and a professional experienced team that are experts at getting you hired.

Maximize your compensation.

Another reason you may want to work with a physician agency is to seek out higher compensation possibilities. Our knowledgeable staff members, which includes a current physician and attorney, are experts at negotiating salaries when it comes to receiving an offer. Over 80% of our clients see an immediate increase in the value of their contracts. Our goal is to get you the best contract possible where as a recruiters goal is to fill the position at the most affordable rate to a hospital.

Doctor To Doctor Guidance.

As previously mentioned, our staff includes Sidney Christiansen, M.D. With our agency you will receive doctor to doctor guidance on how to prepare yourself for taking the next step in your career. Many of our clients value this aspect greatly and it is something that sets us apart form similar services.

Greater job access.

Over the years our agency has developed relationships with hospitals and medical programs around the nation that gives us a competitive edge when navigating a job search. We have access to the highest volume of job openings and many of them may not even be posted publicly. Don’t settle for what is readily available when you want to move to a specific location or are seeking a specific salary range.