Contract Review Terms

Thank you for selecting our team to assist you in the review of your employment contract. There are two separate entities involved in this service, Resolve Physician Agency, Inc. (Resolve) and the law firm providing the legal counsel, hereinafter referred to as the Advisory Team. The Advisory Team enters this agreement with Client to consult with Client about employment of professional services and negotiate with employer regarding the terms of employment of those services.

1. The Advisory Team Agrees To:

Consult with Client regarding the terms of proposed employment negotiate any requested contract terms.

2. Client Agrees To:

Provide accurate and detailed information to the Advisory Team related to the Client’s current employment situation, employment history, medical training, educational background and any other information needed for negotiation of the employment agreement, as well as all communications of negotiation.

3. Level of Service – Payment

Service level options (Initiation Fee). The initiation fee is non-refundable.

$499 – Basic Review

  • Comprehensive review of one contract
  • Attorney notes via email with proposed changes
  • Email correspondence with attorney
  • National and regional compensation analysis
  • Benefits analysis

$699 – Fixed Review

  • All of the above benefits, plus
  • Phone consultation with attorney
  • Attorney negotiations with employer

$999 – Unlimited Contracts

  • All of the above benefits, plus
  • Comprehensive review of multiple contracts
  • One year of access beyond signing for questions, or edits on the signed agreement.

4. Terms:

Client agrees that Advisory Team cannot guarantee any results of opportunities discovered, or contract terms negotiated.

Client may terminate this agreement at any time without cause.

Client agrees to jointly and severally indemnify, defend and hold the Advisory Team harmless from and against all liability, loss, damage or expense, including attorney’s fees, which may be incurred or sustained by reason of the failure of the Advisory Team to secure the desired terms of employment on behalf of the Client.

Client agrees to keep confidential all information and processes of Advisory Team and shall not disclose said information or processes to any third party.

Advisory Team shall not be held liable for the acts, errors, or omissions of anyone not in the direct employ of the Advisory Team.

This Agreement shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Missouri, including venue for disputes.

Attorneys engaged by Resolve Physician Agency, Inc. (Resolve) are provided via a network of independent attorneys. Legal fees are paid on behalf of Client by Resolve. Resolve does receive remuneration or discounts from the participating law firms. Participating law firms are independent of the Resolve and do not influence in any way the legal advice provided by participating law firms.

This Agreement contains the entire contract between the parties, and any representations that may have been made before the signing of this contract are nonbinding, void and of no effect. Neither party has relied on such representations in entering into this Agreement.

Law Firm Agreement

We appreciate the opportunity to act as your legal counsel. This document sets forth the basic terms upon which you have engaged MorganTheeler, LLP to represent you, including the anticipated scope of our services. The basic terms of our engagement are as follows:

Scope of the Engagement

This engagement will involve negotiating a proposed employment agreement. We will not provide advice regarding the enforceability of the agreement in the event of a potential or actual dispute concerning the terms of the agreement. Law Firm’s attorneys are licensed in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Missouri, and is also a member of Meritas Law Firms with affiliated attorneys available in all 50 states. The outcome of contract negotiations are subject to factors which cannot always be foreseen; therefore, it is understood that Law Firm has made no promises or guarantees to Client concerning the outcome of this representation and cannot do so. Client waives any conflict of interest due to Law Firm’s attorney’s affiliation with Company.

All disputes and controversies between the parties to this Agreement shall be resolved by arbitration in Columbia, MO, before a proceeding administered by the Center for Dispute Resolution at the University of Missouri and in accordance with the rules of the Center for Dispute Resolution at the University of Missouri. Any matter determined by arbitration as aforesaid shall be final and binding upon all the parties thereto.

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